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1992 - Krems, Austria
Proceedings: Böhm, J.(ed.) (1993): Teaching Mathematics with Derive (Proceedings of the Krems International School on the Didactics of Computer Algebra), Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt.
1993 - Krems, Austria
Proceedings: Heugl, H. & Kutzler, B.(ed.) (1993): Derive in Education. Opportunities and strategies. Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt.
1995 - Honolulu, Hawaii - USA
Proceedings: Berry, J., Monaghan, J., Kronfellner, M. Kutzler, B.: The State of Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education. Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt.
1997 - Saeroe Hus, Kungsbacka, Sweden
Proceedings: in 'Derive and TI-92 - Newsletters' (J. Böhm)
1999 - Gösing, Austria
Proceedings: Proceedings of the 5th ACDCA Summer Academy in Goesing (Lower Austria)
2000 - Portoroz, Slovenia
Proceedings: Proceedings of the 6th ACDCA Summer Academy in Portoroz (Slovenia)
bk Teachware Series: SL-15; V. Kokol-Voljc, B. Kutzler, M. Lokar, J. Palcic (eds.): "Exam Questions and Basic Skills in Technology-Supported Mathematics Teaching"
Contains four keynote presentations by W. Herget, H. Heugl, E. Laughbaum and W. Peschek and 26 contributed presentations by delegates from 14 countries.
Examples from Austrian Participants:
2002 - Wien (Vienna), Austria
7th-ACDCA Summer Academy + 5th-International DERIVE & TI-89/92 Conference, 10. - 13. July 2002, Vienna
Proceedings:, bk Teachware Series: SR-31; Josef Böhm (Editor)
On this CD you can find all lectures and workshops of VISIT-ME 2002 as PDF-Files.
2004 - Montreal, Canada
8th-ACDCA Summer Academy + 6th-International DERIVE & TI-CAS Conference, 15. - 18. July 2004, Montreal
2006 - Dresden, Germany (Sachsen)
9th-ACDCA Summer Academy + 7th-International DERIVE & TI-CAS Conference, 20. - 23. July 2006, Dresden


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