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New forms of teaching provoke and require new forms of assessment

Josef Böhm Hinweise
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We found some fields worth to be investigated:

  1. "Continuous" carrying on the traditional form of tests including CAS.
  2. Problem solving tests supported by textbooks, notebooks, any materials....
  3. Total assessment time for year can be divided in shorter tests for basics and longer problem solving tests; the assessment times are fixed by the teachers together with the students.
  4. Presentations of selected chapters (problems) - individually or in groups.
  5. One part of the written tests can be substituted by a "project work" (= "Facharbeit")
  6. Cross curriculum written test
  7. Written test as group work
  8. Instead of a fixed number of one-hour-tests have more shorter tests - announced and not announced - to measure the increase of knowledge
  9. "Inner distinguishing" in the assessment situation. - the "Must" / other task(s) for a better mark / extra credits for the gifted.


Influence of CAS on the assessment-situation: during the last years when I taught technology supported (DERIVE, TI-92) I felt uncomfortable with the given situation which did in no way consider new and additional competences which we wanted the students to acquire and which couldnīt be assessed in the traditional tests which consisted more or less of recipe following calculations.

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