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A Plea for Pure Mathematics

Mag. Josef Böhm Hinweise
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A Plea for Pure Mathematics




I like applied mathematics but I am sure that we can not do without pure mathematics. I found that the students liked investigating the problems presented and I spent a lot of time during the breaks to answer their questions (what if?, why not?, am I right?, do you think?,....). I never heard the question: What is the use of all that stuff? And I am teacher at a vocational school!!! So I think we can tempt pupils to have their "Adventures in Their Heads". And it is necessary to explain sometimes what they have done, like: "Now you found an important rule by your own!", "This is your first selfmade function!",... The students are really proud and their selfconfidence is growing. There were some very emotional moments when I felt that the sparkles were spreading and when I then left the classroom I felt something like: "that is it, Ive got them".

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