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Give it a Spin!

Mag. Josef Böhm Hinweise
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Give it a Spin!




One of the MFAQ (= Most Frequent Asked Questions) after workshops or lectures on the usage of modern technologies like the TI-family, DERIVE, MS-EXCEL or others for maths education in Secondary Schools is how to find problems and tasks for exercises and assess-ment. Many of the more experienced teachers have a collection of problems of their own and it is very understandable that they donīt want to throw all their treasures away and start again like at the very begin of their career as a teacher. I was and still am in the same situation. My standard answer is: you donīt have to change eve-rything, take your problem collection and try to achieve another point of view. Then in many cases you will be able to give the problems a spin into the right direction and thus they will adopt a new quality, focus on another aim as usual, open new insights or just let it read a bit uncommon.

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