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Technology Standards - Assessment

The influence of the use of Technology in Standards and Assessment

Dr. Helmut Heugl Hinweise
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After a short survey of the results of our research projects in Austria concerning the use of technology in mathematics education I will try to compare some concepts of standards which are used in several parts of the world. These standards range from process standards like the NCTM standards to product oriented standards as we define and use them in Germany or in Austria.

The second part of my lecture deals with the influence of technology in standards. In our projects we have observed influences in the mathematical contents as well as in the common mathematical performance expectations and also in the complexity of those competences. I will give some examples of fundamental mathematical competence which is necessary in the age of information technology.

The third part is closely connected with the second one technology and assessment. We can say it was the starting point for our involvement in standards. Observing students in the Computer Algebra-classes we recognized that the traditional exams are not suitable to new ways of learning. One of several experiments is a so called two-tier exam. That means, on the one hand, short exams for testing the fundamental competence or looking for building stones of the central goal of problem solving and, on the other hand, longer written exams with an emphasis on problem solving. This discussion about fundamental mathematical competence leads us to the definition of standards

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