Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra

Draft of a Research Project
about Electronic Media in teaching Mathematics

Research Topics:

1) Electronic Teaching and Learning Materials
Collecting, adapting and dissemination of teaching and learning materials. Production of a homepage as a forum for discussion and information for teachers and students. Examination and main concepts of global learning environments, in which CAS is used as a tool. Use of internet as a learning medium and a source of materials. Co-operation with experts who work on the project "" or "Mathe-Online" on behalf of the ministry of education (BMfUkA).

2) TIMSS and CAS supported teaching of Mathematics
Based on the results of the TIMSS, experts will examine to which extent the use of electronic media contribute to improving the quality of teaching mathematics. Co-operation with study groups working on an evaluation of TIMSS on behalf of BMfUkA.

3) Production of a manual on the curriculum of upper secondary schools with special reference to CAS supported teaching
In former projects, changes with respect to the goals and content in teaching have been observed and show that the basic principles of the curriculum need not be changed. It is, however, necessary to produce a paper which will show teachers what the possibilities and limits of CAS supported teaching are, within the requirements of the existing curriculum. Co-operation with the coordinator of the project group: Curriculum for upper secondary School, Prof. Bürger.

4) The influence of CAS on the Examination Practice
Development of models of good practice and adequate tasks. The increasing individualisation of learning processes calls for new standards of performance. This has been shown by recent projects. On the one hand, it is necessary to evaluate co-operation within a team. On the other hand, traditional written exams must be questioned with respect both to their content and importance for the student. As CAS is a tool which takes over an extensive part of the actual arithmetical and algebraic skills of students, the description of problem solving processes, testing and the documentation and discussion of results increases in importance.

5) The New Learning Environment with CAS
CAS supports new teaching and learning strategies. The aim of this part of the project is to develop and test materials which support new teaching and learning strategies such as open learning activities based on actual research.

CAS III project (report of the results), 1999/2000 (in German)

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